The FCM is not a controlling body, it is a forum, comprised of Partners such as Organisations, Companies and Individuals, each whom seek to bring attention to issues that are of importance in Credit Management. Each such Partner, that comprises the FCM, maintains control over its own operations or constituency.
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We help you manage every aspect of your business through the use of our tailored ARMNetz Case Management and CRM Software Solutions. Our Software Solutions come with powerful BI and Analytics tools that allow for real-time management and monitoring of your business. How you manage, analyse and optimise your business data, strategies and performance in today's on-demand economy are more important than ever before. Your customers want to engage with your brand in meaningful ways and experience your service offering with delight. That's why Customer Experience Management is at the heart of everything we do.
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Passion, Logic & Execution through our Technology. We provide more than just legal information, we provide answers. We take the expertise of our team and distil it in a way that helps debt collectors get their work done. Debt Collection Management Software, Procedures & Strategies. Call Centre Solutions & Mass Communications Facilitation. Productivity Management & Strategic Consulting. Skills Development Facilitation & Data Management. Dialer and Systems Integration
We specialise in various forms of Business-to-Consumer electronic communication and contracting. Our most recent success is legislative approval to serve NCA notices (e.g. S129s) via our electronic Registered Email and Registered SMS channels. Our case studies demonstrate better distribution, higher collection rates, and substantial OpEx savings.