Credit has become an important element to gain competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment. Consequently, people employed within the credit department have an important role to play - ‘aiming to achieve high volume of profitable sales with possibly no or few bad debts and a sound cash flow management, while building a long-term business relationship with their clients.’ The effective way to achieve such business rewards is by combining experience with education. In other words by investing in the skills and competences of the work force.

Many companies very often entrust one of their key assets, ‘debtors’, in the hands of inexperienced or unqualified personnel. The Federation of Credit Management in South Africa (FCM) has felt the need to introduce quality and relevant training and education for people working in the field of credit management. This would ensure to develop the right skills and qualities that could also be applied to other managerial roles.

Training and Educational Providers accredited by the Federation of Credit Management

Corporate Rebels

PBS College